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AEO People's Award

Lauralee Whyte

Lauralee Whyte

Founder & Director, Spectrum Speakers

Lauralee is the founder of Spectrum Speakers & Entertainer, a groundbreaking agency dedicated to bringing diverse talent and inclusive practices to the events industry.  With 15 years of experience in the field, including 7 years as a speaker consultant, Lauralee recognized the urgent need for a significant transformation in the standard profile and format of speaker line-ups across events.

Motivated by the lack of diverse keynote speakers and entertainers being represented, Lauralee took the initiative to spearhead the change. In 2021, she launched Spectrum as the first agency in the UK with a dedicated focus on inclusion.

Since its inception, Spectrum has had the privilege of collaborating with renowned brands and events such as Microsoft, Spotify, PWC, and The Times.

Spectrum Speakers & Entertainers offers a comprehensive consultancy service for event planners. The agency prides itself on representing extraordinary speakers, forward thinkers, and entertainers who excel in their respective fields.


  • I think for us to actually champion the amazing people that work in this industry is to be hugely applauded and to be able to recognise the incredible talent that lives and breathes in our world is very important
    Lisa Tyson
    Deputy Managing Director, Aztec Event Services
  • It’s a great honour and an achievement to be nominated, shortlisted and even better to win one.
    Emma Barrett
    Managing Director, Broadway Events
  • I'm a CEO within the industry and it's my responsibility to support associations and talk to some of the new up and coming talent
    Mary Cole
    Owner & CEO, Skyline Whitespace
  • It feels absolutely amazing to be recognised for the work I’ve put in
    Melina Mavoungou
    Winner of Best Newcomer 2023


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